4 amazing SEO tools you must try in 2022

It is important to incorporate a quest engine optimization strategy (SEO) strategy when creating content online. this may help make sure that your posts are optimized to the utmost extent possible. you'll be able to use SEO tools to seek out ways to extend the visibility of your website.

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4 amazing SEO tools you must try in 2022

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4 amazing SEO tools you must try in 2022

1. Semrush

it is delightfully very easy to use and does most of the functions an SEO tool should do surprisingly well. If you run a digital marketing agency, then I highly recommend that you just give Semrush a try and wow your clients with reports that provide a wealth of insight into their websites and content.


2. Raven's tools

I used it and it absolutely was quite disappointed despite reading rave reviews about it on marketing subedits and review aggregator sites. So once I signed up for a 30-day trial recently, i used to be pleasantly surprised at what quantity the tool has improved.

Among other things, i used to be most impressed by these three features:

  • Site auditor
  • Custom reports
  • Backlink Browser

This is another tool that I'd recommend to agency owners because it allows you to form interactive marketing reports for your client's websites. The interface isn't nearly as user-friendly because the other tools on this list, but its features are quite conjured for its clunky design.


That being said, Raven Tools is simply too just like SEMrush in terms of features, and in between I find SEMrush more reliable and price effective (the PRO plan for Raven is $ 99 / month). except for some reason, if you're not comfortable with SEMrush, you'll be able to try Raven Tools.


3. Serpstat

Serpstat is another tool on my behalf of me when it involves keyword research and competition analysis. Serpstat allows you to try basic keyword tracking, track your competitors' keywords, and do SEO site audits, PPC analysis, and more.


I mainly use Serpstat for the subsequent purposes:

Keyword Research

Backlink analysis

Competition analysis

Site audit

Tracking ranks

Serpstat offers a free plan where you'll perform 30 searches and check 100 pages per month. Paid plans for Serpstat start at $ 19 per month. While there's room for improvement, I'm sure the Serpstat team is overqualified to update and improve a number of its features to form it a top-quality SEO tool. And for $ 19 a month, there is no reason to complain.


4. Moz Pro

Moz has had a fairly rough last eighteen months ditching Moz Content and Follower Wonk, two content marketing tools that have challenged Buzzsumo. additionally, the corporate recently laid off 28% of its employees to specialize in SEO offerings again.

I've clarified my thoughts on Moz Pro in the past, mainly during this comparison article between SEMrush and Moz. While I'm an acquaintance of Rand Fishkin, I wasn't a large fan of Moz Pro, the company's flagship SEO offering. I've got always felt that it had been too expensive and failed to offer enough returns.


However, the Follower Wonk fiasco proved to be a blessing in disguise as Rand Fishkin and his team had the time and resources to target their core SEO product. I recently signed up for a Moz Pro trial and was really impressed with the improvements made to the present tool.


The computer program is neat, and features like backlink data and on-page grading are more accurate. I also love the actual fact that they spent lots of your time turning Moz Local into a strong local SEO tool. I used Moz Local to optimize the local search rankings of 1 of my travel industry clients and was quite impressed with the results.


Can I invest $ 99 per month in this tool? Probably not, as most of the features, Moz offers are offered by SEMrush and Ahrefs. But I've got little doubt that Moz will still set the industry standard for SEO tools in 2022 and beyond.

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